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Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Hi Friends,

 I think this blog has run its course so it's time to put it to bed.  Fear not my pretties, for all is not lost.  I will continue writing but now the focus of my blog will be rather TV-centric.

To continue reading blog updates from me, please go to:

Much like this blog, my new blog will be updated every Wednesday and weekend.

See ya there!


Saturday, August 7, 2010

Drinking and Blogging

We've all heard about "Drunk Dialing", but did you know that there are blog sites that allow you to literally call in your blog?  Seriously!!!  You could be out on the town with your besties, tying one on, and then while you're in the middle of the dance floor (or propped up against the bar, or puking beside the dumpster behind the club, or, well, you get the picture...), you could call up your blog to leave a voice posting.  Classy, right?

Personally, I think that no good can come of this.  I rarely drink so I don't this would ever happen to me.  That being said, I am noted for being the world's cheapest drunk so if my blog did have this feature, I guess it wouldn't be totally out of the realm of possibilities.  If this was to happen (which it won't), I imagine it would sound something like this:

Profuse giggling.
"Hey, hey, hey, I'm druuuuunnnnnnnnck!"
More giggling.
"Hey guys, shushhhh, Ima blerggging.  I mean blerrging.”
“I can’t say blerg. Blerg. Blerrrg.  Blerrrggg.  Oh fuck it, I can’t do my ffffucking posssst.”
Big sigh, followed by even more giggling.
“I’m drunnnk.  Wanna see my Madonna impression?”
Sound of stumbling in the background, line goes dead.

Yeah, I think we can all agree that me doing posts over the phone would not be a good idea…I should see if this blogsite offers this feature.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mind Your Pees and Eeewwwwwwwwwwwws!!!!

A colleague of mine is obsessed with the UFC - that's Ultimate Fighting Championship for those of you who aren't in the know.  She belongs to news groups, she checks websites daily, she collects the action figures, and she listens to each and every podcast available. I guess you could say she's the "Ultimate UFC Fan".  No, I'm not exaggerating.  

 She recently told me about a podcast where one of the fighters and his coach were interviewed for a radio show.  The interviewer noted that he had heard that the coach drinks his own urine every morning as part of his health regime.  The coach touted the many fine attributes of urine therapy and without much prompting, took a proffered glass, peed, and, well, chug-a-lug.

I know, gross, right?

Silly me, I thought that's where the subject of urine therapy (seriously, that's what it's called - do a web search!) would start and end in my life.  Umm....NOT!!!

Have you ever heard of something being good for you but you just can't bring yourself to taking that advice?  Yeah, that's the position that I'm in right now.  I should also point out that I feel the same way about cod liver oil.  That being said, fish oil is sounding a lot more palatable right now. 

My mom told me the other week that someone we know has been using urine therapy to treat her cancer.  Since she began drinking her urine, her blood counts have improved.  A friend of hers who also has cancer has been employing urine therapy with the same positive results. 

In addition, apparently it’s a wonderful tonic for the skin.  This person that we know has been applying it daily to her face and her surgical scars and has been getting tremendous results – not only has her surgical scar faded dramatically (barely visible now), her skin looks so good that people keep on asking her what special lotions she’s been using on her face (take that, Oil of Olay).  Oh, and in case you’re wondering, I’m told that it doesn’t smell (although I’ll now think twice before giving her a kiss on the cheek the next time I see her).

So evidently pee is good for you – who knew?   No matter how much somebody sings to me the many fine attributes of pee, I just can’t get over the ick factor enough to try it out.  It doesn’t matter if you want me to swig it back or splash it on, I just can’t seem to bring myself to try it.  Okay, so let’s look at this logically (possible a first for me) - I don’t have cancer therefore I don’t have to drink it (phew!).  My skin could look better, so perhaps it’s worth a try.  Hmmm….I’ll think about it.  I’ll keep you posted but I doubt I'll try it.

If you have any experience with urine therapy, please let me know.