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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Cue me, singing...

At long last, school is finally over!

As to be expected, my last day of school didn't quite go as planned.  Halfway to the bus stop I began to wonder if I put on deodorant.  Ever the lady, there I was in the middle of the sidewalk feeling my pits.  Nice, right?  I picked the perfect day to wear odourless, colourless, TEXTURELESS deodorant.  Needless to say I had to do a little shopping during my break.  I still don't know if I put any on that morning.

That morning we had our Computer Science final, although I'm convinced the exam was meant for a different class.  To all my classmates, I'm still pissed that we had Computer Science with Buck Rogers and all of his magnets instead of Philosphy, but I have to admit that Facebook was all the better for his class.  I thoroughly enjoyed our conversations on there during his lectures, especially the one about Peanuts - the similarities were frightening!

It was my good fortune to begin and end this educational journey with my favourite prof.  I cannot say enough about her so I'll just summarize and say that she's the best.  As an added bonus, on my final weekend of classes I was treated to the most amazing presentations by my classmates.  Such courage, such heart, such humour; I tip my hat to all of you. 

True to form, we topped things off by tipping back some champagne and talked about what long strange trip it's been.  I received the loveliest compliments from one of my classmates and my prof - just wish my memory wasn't so dulled from the champagne (I also wish hadn't spilled champagne down my prof's back when she gave me a hug - sorry!).

I'd like to say that I'm now on to a whole new set of adventures now but I'm afraid that's going to have to wait for the time being as my siblings and I are looking after our mother who recently (try the same day as my last day of school)  managed to put herself into a wheelchair with a broken knee cap (ouch!).

Apparently I'm very wicked 'cause there'll be no rest for me!!!  


  1. Take care of your mom, yourself and congratulations.

  2. Thanks babe! Looking forward to shopping at your studio after Filberg is over.