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Monday, March 1, 2010

Making a Splash

Okay so here's the scoop...Jennifer Vespaziani is a woman that I've been friends with since we were sweet young thangs back in high school. Ahem, since high school.

We've taken very different paths in life and so consequently over the years we've drifted in and out of each others' lives. A good example of the different paths we've taken is that she was married in a blown out cave in the Himilayas, by an 85 year old Holy Man. My last vacation was spent celebrating my birthday in Las Vegas with my Mom (she may be in her 70's but she's a lot of fun to travel with).

I spend my time pushing paper, both at work and at school. Jennifer spends her time with her husband Matt, their daughter Kaya, and a little chihuahua called Zorro. In and amongst the day-to-day runnings of a household, Jennifer has managed to carve out a magical world of her own. Unbeknownst to the rest of the world, she's a very talented artist who has been quietly honing her craft. She began posting her creations on Facebook, garnering more and more praise from friends and family until one day her sister pushed her into taking the next step; displaying her art for sale. That was late in 2009 and artwork has been selling like hotcakes with clients from across the country.

I have fallen in love with Jennifer's art and we recently met for coffee at the Pelican Rouge in White Rock to catch up on old times and what's going on in our lives. Very quickly into our meeting we discovered this was more than just a cuppa; this was a meeting with a purpose - I needed a subject for my Capstone project and Jennifer needed someone to manage her blossoming art career. Can you say worlds colliding?

I hereby invite you to join us on our journey as we learn all about getting a new artist off the ground and making her a success.

If you're on Facebook, we'll soon be launching a page called Vespaziani Artworks. On this page will be a portfolio of Jennifer's work thus far, along with descriptions, dimensions, prices, and info on where you can buy her masterpieces. I'll let you know when we've launched the page.


  1. Keep the posts coming, you have a future writing on blogs - nice turn of phrase and personality!

  2. How interesting! I'm an artist in White Rock too! My work is whimsical like Jennifers.....i just saw her work at Pelican ROuge and fell in love with it! I instantly felt we were kindred spirits....oh by the way - i have learned NLP and love EFT.....getting some yummy eft therapy now!

    Would love to connect with you and Jennifer some time - i live in a purple magic cottage with a giant dragonfly on the front!

    love, Violette

  3. Violette, perhaps we could meet for coffee some time in April.